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A bio... at this hour? God, I'm going to need another cup of tea...

So you're here - that's good, I think. Unless you've come here completely by accident of course. Well... that could work out well too but let's just assume for a moment that you've found this site because you wanted to, are incurably curious, or have been forced Clockwork Orange-style and are currently struggling against restraints. If the latter then good luck with that, I hope you brought a paperclip...

But I digress - this is the bit about me, and all my hopes, dreams and choices in breakfast cereals - like some kind of semi-tragic QTE sequence.

So, by day I'm the director of a specialist language arm of an integrated production company in the media and advertising field (I know...). But by night I don way too much dark clothing and metal-encrusted shoes and stalk the night, camera in hand, looking for the elusive, the ephemeral, the lens cap, and the one seat on the bus that isn't covered in unspeakable substances.

After first starting out with a Sony DSC-P51 back in the increasingly hazy days of university, some friends looked at my photos and said "Some of these look like you know what you're doing". Spurred on by this back-handed compliment I graduated to a Nikon DSLR and started trying to actually learn what it was that I was supposed to be doing, a practice I'm still engrossed in today, which remains as challenging and as boisterous as ever - like riding the Northern Line.

Now wielding a Nikon D750 and a bag-full of seriously fast prime lenses, I travel widely - trying to capture the more unusual angles and aspects of the places I visit. The spoils of that endeavour can be found here.

So - peruse and enjoy - comments (both encouraging and hostile) are welcome, similarly for prints or commissions then please get in touch via the "Contact" page.

Isometrically yours

"I love the smell of ultrawide lenses in the morning" - Rik Grant

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